Sleeping patterns

Good Morning

According to the above comic, I’ve traveled round the globe twice in the last week, if I’m not mistaken.

For some time now, I’ve had no societal restraints on when I should wake up or go to sleep. School’s out, and the closest thing to my job is Summer of code, which entails working from home on your own terms. Also, I found that I have someone to talk to, or go out for a coffee at about any hour, night or day. So there’s no real reason for me to enforce the 12AM – 8AM sleeping pattern right now, and that gave me some weird kind of creative freedom.

What I’ve observed for the past few days is that, without any kind of enforced schedule,  I sleep for about 4-5 hours for about every 10-12 waking hours. This seems to work pretty good, but I doubt it’s all that healthy. I fall asleep for short 20 minute naps in between the main sleeping sessions, and that’s the only time I get to actually dream anything, which might be an indication I don’t get enough REM sleep. Also, I don’t feel well rested, but I’ve been having this problem for months now, so I doubt it’s the new schedule’s doing.

Sleep is a curse, though, I’m sick and tired of it and I hate that I’m its’ slave. If you have some tips on how to reduce the sleeping time while still being productive, please tell.