Cover of Japandroids album Post-Nothing, featuring the band members hugging each others

Listening to Japandroids‘ first album, Post-Nothing, is the musical equivalent of an Apatow movie: 2 best-friends hanging out, planning the shit that’s about to go down tonight, reminiscing about that girl that made one of them swear off dating forever, complaining about the scene in their hometown, rocking out in a garage, their only worry being if maybe their amp is gonna blow up.

Throughout the album you can hear that they’re having a blast doing what they do. Everything about the music says they’re only in it for the fun. I mean, look at that album cover: do those guys look like musicians that take themselves seriously, or like 2 best-buds who happen to rock out sometimes?

Even if the album ends on a pretty down note (I Quit Girls), the tone is generally upbeat. It’s all about youth and reckless fun and friends and chasing the sunshine girls and just being happy to be alive, but somehow it doesn’t come off like another corny pop record. They’re feelin good and there’s nothing we can do to stop them. And you know what,  maybe the world’s just a little better because of the 30 minutes of awesome these guys put out.