facebook as a mirror to the soul

Lately, when I’ve been adding people on Facebook (or Google+), I find myself looking through their profiles or timelines, sometimes with the thoroughness of a stalker (you do it too, you know), and if I find an empty profile or very few postings, I guess I think something along the lines of “Have they nothing to say? What a boring person.” When it hit me that I’ve been doing this for some time, I took a step back and thought a little on the stupidity of what I’ve been doing.

Maybe that person doesn’t like living it’s life in public, or maybe it has other mediums of online expression or maybe it just doesn’t give a shit about all that crap. Maybe they don’t get a thrill from sharing what they’ve read, saw or listened to to semi-strangers on the webz. And that’s totally fine. Quite possibly for the better.

But somewhere in the back of my head, the equality between an interesting profile and an interesting person took hold. Is it just me? I can’t be the only one thinking like that. Since when has sharing become the social norm? Is this a trend?