I don’t really know how to describe Kentucky Route Zero other than stumbling into someone elses’ dream and vaguely controlling it, or rather prodding it in one direction or another, but mostly just experiencing it.

The game is visually splendid, it has a great soundtrack, mixing drone-y electronica with bluegrass, and an overall surreal feeling (the developers describe it as magical realist). It’s not a typical adventure, i.e. there are no overly-complicated puzzles to get past. You simply advance the story, while moulding the characters, all at your own pace, hopefully taking in the weird magnificence presented for you.

This game, along with others like Sword & Sworcery make me want to play games again, after, for a while I considered them childish and repetitive. More than that, these games make me feel as though I should be making games. So, thank you for that.

Anyway, check out the trailer and fall in love.