The New York Times publishes ads for communal living in SF.

I can't get over this article on dorms for middle class adults in San Francisco that the new york times published.

Rather than being a scathing indictment on how an area with such high median wages can make its residents huddle up in communal living, it reads like a glowing ad for such arrangements.

Just check out some of the inhabitants quotes:

You don’t have to think up plans anymore because they kind of do it for you,” she said.

“I never thought I could live like this,” Ms. Shiver said. “But the more I live here, the freer I feel.”

“I’ve run a household; I’ve done the bills; I’ve mowed the yard, and I don’t want to be responsible again,” Ms. Shiver said. “I want to paint and learn how to make ramen noodles. And when we run out of tinfoil, there’s just more tinfoil.”

These people are giving up agency and responsibility in return for lower rents and a more managed life-style and the tone seems gleeful. And America's newspaper of record sees nothing wrong with any of this.