Sea Change

I cannot, for the life of me, understand how Beck managed to power through writing and singing the songs on his Sea Change album. I swear that album kills me just by listening to it.

The power that these simple, understated songs carry is devastating, they’re proof that this mad genius is human after all (with a side-dish of intergalactic souls) and that yeah, love can hurt a lot.

It’s also funny how the brain makes stupid associations. I used to listen to this album a lot in the Summer of 2009, and at the same time idling time playing Transport Tycoon, an old, monotone game where you build a vast transportation network. So every time I listen to this album, I get the image of pixelated trains and planes, and a wasted summer building a virtual economic empire.

Definitive lyrics:

There’s one road to the morning
There’s one road to the truth
There’s one road back to civilization
But there’s no road back to you

Mihai Chereji

Mihai Chereji

Twenty-something web-dev & part-time self-saboteur with no sense of direction on the street or in life. Will write when bored, about music, programming, civic duties etc.

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Sea Change
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