Paul McCartney

Just a reminder that Paul McCartney rocks harder at 71 than most people do at the height of their rocking-ness.

Untill recently, John was my favorite Beatle for the quite stupid reason that my mom insisted I looked like him, at least while I was younger. But recently, of the two I realized Paul’s way cooler. The first & only argument you really need is his taste in women, considering Lennon’s. (I mean, c’mon, Yoko?)

But he also wrote and sung Helter Skelter

and Blackbird

which are probably the best of the White Album.

Anyway, it’s 2014 and I’m writing about the Beatles, 45 years after they broke up. That’s some stain power.

Taking a break from Facebook

So I’ve recently taken a break from Facebook, mainly because I wasted way too much time on it, while (apparently) getting very little in return.

I’m probably making more of a big deal out of this than I should, but here are some things I’ve noticed:

  • If I want to waste time, I’ll waste it anyhow. It’s just that Facebook was incredibly convenient for this, and I had developed muscle memory and almost twitch like movements for Ctrl+t and then fa…
  • As you get involved in social/civic movements, it’s hard to stay up-to-date (at least in Romania) – this is a huge pain; having a single point of failure in disseminating information is stupid, especially when that information is more than kittens.
  • FOMO rears it’s ugly head from time to time, but weirdly, not as much as before.
  • RSS still rules, though I’m worried at the amount of info you can only gather from Facebook. Before it’s too late, people should start sharing stuff in a way that is either
    • open to all (i. e. blog or self-hosted whatever)
    • truly private, not in a closed network (i. e. email)

There are even journalists that share stuff almost exclusively on Facebook and that makes following them close to impossible without an account.

It’s sad that not partaking in a closed social network can so immediately have an impact on your ability to inform yourself, especially on the open web.

I hope I’ll share more on my blog rather than Twitter or whatevs.

P.S.: How does everyone think delegating comments (which are more or less the community your blog builds) to an outside, closed entity like disqus is a good idea?